Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brazilian Cheese Bread


My last blog on Valentine's dinner should have also included these lovely little puffs of goodness.  We also had included these with our dinner.  They were such a big hit that we just can't resist making them as often as possible.

It all began when Rick and I were on a business trip to Texas.  While in Houston we went to a Brazilian restaurant which served these little chewy cheesy popovers.  I was so intrigued with the texture so I had to ask what they were called.  The nice waiter explained to me what they were and what was in them and that I could find the recipe on the web.  So, the search was on!  I found several recipes and then came upon one that seemed the most like what we had enjoyed.  I shared them with our Friday night culinary buddies and we made them for dinner.  We both (secretly) made them again the following week; they were so good.

Since, they have become a staple for bread for soup, salad, a fancy meal or even breakfast.  The secret ingredient is tapioca flour and you can actually use any kind of cheese you'd like.  We also determined that you could make up a batch in the regular muffin tin instead of the mini tins and then stuff them with either a savory or a sweet  filling for a luncheon or a fancy dessert.  These wonderful little morsels are also gluten free as they are made with tapioca flour.

If you are interested in the recipe, let me know.  It is five ingredients and you put it all in a blender, mix it up and pour it into the muffin pans, bake them and then eat them all up!

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