Monday, August 31, 2009

Ready or not...

here I come...this has been a while in the making...years and years actually!

Creating has always been a part of who I am, designing wardrobes, decorating with complimentary and split complimentary colors has been a love of mine from the time I was a little girl playing dress designer.  So, it seems only natural now that I have more time and a distinguised palate that preparing and displaying eye appealing dishes would become my niche.  Oh, need I also mention that my camera has become an added appendage!

Let's go back about a little over 25 years since this is where the passion began taking shape and little did any of us know that we were beginning a life-long tradition of sharing, preparing and eating together every Friday night. 

With time and resources in short demand in those days, my husband and I would gather whatever we could find in our refrigerator and pair it together with the remains in our friend's refrigerator and we would come up with a meal that was quite creative.  We would even splurge during the holidays and I can remember the fragrance of chocolate as we (all four) made homemade truffles.  I can smell and taste them as I write this.

Food challenges also crept into our meals as we had to deal with various dietary needs of more than one person.  The challenge was a welcomed addition to our food prep.  We now were trying recipes and "changing them up" so they would be tasty as well as healthy.  

As the years quickly rolled by, our son was now in college at Cal Poly.  This brought another dimension to our cooking.  We began to explore the world of wines from the planting, growing, harvesting, crushing and bottling to the pairing to food and the use in many dishes. 

As our families grew we then had the opportunity to meld our food styles so everyone would enjoy a meal.  Since becoming more comfortable and proficient in the kitchen I enjoy entertaining with dishes that are first eye catching and then mouth watering.  I especially love the chance to prepare a menu for someone who has specific tastes or needs and see the smile on their face when they are savouring the flavors.

My newest addition to my food prep has been planting an herb garden.  This was an inspriation I received from my daughter-in-law who had several herb boxes outside her apartment when they were first married.  It wasn't very long after seeing those that my husband and I began our own herb garden.  This has been one of the most rewarding pleasures to be able to walk outside and snip fresh just what you need for a dish!

Phones calls from my daughter regarding menus, dishes, or simply, "Can I do this", or "How much of that" continue to inspire me to keep trying new foods, spices and finding new recipes. 

This blog has become a reality thanks to many of my close friends and family as well as many, many long-time friends who have been encouraging me to start a cooking blog.  Thank you to all of you who believe in me and trust me for cooking advice.  I would invite culinery questions and if I don't know the answer, I will certainly try to find a suitable one that will help you enjoy cooking and eating as much as I do.

Bon App├ętit!