Tuesday, July 27, 2010


K.I.S.S. usually refers to "Keep It Simple Stupid".  That is exactly what I did this evening.  I try to plan out my meals for a few days at least and shop quite often so I have the freshest ingredients (and also so they don't go bad before I get to them).  You know how the best laid plans can sometimes go by the wayside?  I had planned to make an easy salad with homemade bleu cheese dressing and then cut up cantaloupe and wrap it in proscuitto.  Sounded great and would have been if I hadn't forgotten to purchase the proscuitto!  So, plan B...there is always a plan in the back of my head.  No meat, just salad, or use something else that would sorta substitue for the proscuitto.  Now, I just so happened to have bought some maple bacon, (it was on sale) and it came to me....BLTA salad!  It was so simple and it was delicious. I even adjusted the dressing to be low cal...well, remember we did have some bacon.  So, I cooked up the bacon and drained it twice while it was cooking and then put it on a paper towel to catch all the excess fat.  Then I tore two type of lettuce and washed and spun them in my handy salad spinner..(I love that tool; I don't know why I waited until now to get one).  Next, I cut up a home grown tomato, avocado and a little finely diced red onion. 

While the bacon was cooking, I prepared the dressing which consisted of bleu cheese, a little light mayo, non-fat plain yogurt, non-fat milk, a drizzle of champagne vinegar, salt and pepper.  Who says you have to use heavy cream and whole milk!  This dressing was great.

My hubby said he could eat this dish every night.  It was amazingly filling that we never even got to the cantaloupe....another meal coming up.

This was the perfect ending to a VERY crazy and busy day.
Enjoy the process.