Saturday, March 12, 2011

Brazilian Cheese Bread


My last blog on Valentine's dinner should have also included these lovely little puffs of goodness.  We also had included these with our dinner.  They were such a big hit that we just can't resist making them as often as possible.

It all began when Rick and I were on a business trip to Texas.  While in Houston we went to a Brazilian restaurant which served these little chewy cheesy popovers.  I was so intrigued with the texture so I had to ask what they were called.  The nice waiter explained to me what they were and what was in them and that I could find the recipe on the web.  So, the search was on!  I found several recipes and then came upon one that seemed the most like what we had enjoyed.  I shared them with our Friday night culinary buddies and we made them for dinner.  We both (secretly) made them again the following week; they were so good.

Since, they have become a staple for bread for soup, salad, a fancy meal or even breakfast.  The secret ingredient is tapioca flour and you can actually use any kind of cheese you'd like.  We also determined that you could make up a batch in the regular muffin tin instead of the mini tins and then stuff them with either a savory or a sweet  filling for a luncheon or a fancy dessert.  These wonderful little morsels are also gluten free as they are made with tapioca flour.

If you are interested in the recipe, let me know.  It is five ingredients and you put it all in a blender, mix it up and pour it into the muffin pans, bake them and then eat them all up!

Fun Times

February and March have been filled with fun times, great friends and fantastic food.  The first big event was our annual Valentine's dinner shared with our good friends each year.  We prepare a fun and fabulous meal for our sweeties.  This year was extra memorable since the power went out after we had eaten dinner.  So, our dessert was consumed by candlelight.  How fun is that?

The beginning of March we celebrated our good friend's 65th birthday in Lake Arrowhead.  What a beautiful and relaxing time that was.  A special birthday meal was prepared for him (and we all joined him in filling our stomachs).

An Irish meal came next giving us an excuse to serve corned beef and cabbage alongside homemade Irish soda bread ending with a phenomenal spiced gingerbread topped with Guiness dark carmel sauce and a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Our Valentine dinner consisted of bacon wrapped filet, hasselback potatoes, grilled tomatos stuffed with broccolini, fresh fruit salad with grated whole cinnamon and grated whole nutmeg.  A special spicy shrimp cocktail was the opening dish.

First we had to set a pretty table for the special meal...... to start the food prep...

Berries had to be marinated for the special dessert

Spicy shrimp cocktails chilling out

Stuffed tomatoes

topped with bleu cheese

Hasselback potatoes

Fresh fruit salad with cinnamon and nutmeg

The star of the evening---bacon wrapped filet


Another fantastic Valentine dinner
enjoyed by all.

Next event.....coming up

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going Green....

....or orange or whatever color you like.

So, I was reading a health magazine last weekend while relaxing at Lake Arrowhead with friends.  I found a smoothie recipe that was green using spinach, fruit and a touch of yogurt.  It sorta intrigued me and I thought I am going to try that when I get home.  After work I picked up some spinach and fresh pineapple, green grapes and headed for the house.  I, of course, had to change up the recipe a little.  When I opened my refrigerator I remembered that I had a big box of fresh basil sitting there.  Hmmm, now basil is a part of the mint family, so why not?  I love basil and I've used it in fruit salad in the past, so in a smoothie in place of the spinach this time, go for it.  I also added some strawberries I had and fresh squeezed orange juice, banana and some ice cubes.

Oh delish!  The basil was a fantastic added flavor.  I will make this again and use basil.  I will also be making the spinach version soon as well.  Just think of all the vitamins and minerals that smoothie will have.

Now you could call that your St. Patrick's smoothie.


You could throw together some other fruit and just have a fresh homemade fruit smoothie so the fruit in the refrigerator doesn't begin to grow anything green on it!

Tonight a cold fruit smoothie just sounded good and refreshing as a dessert.  I simply threw a mango, banana, strawberries, grapes, fresh squeezed orange juice and some ice cubes into the blender and hit the button. 
Sooooooo yummy!

This is the orange fruite smoothie!  Such original names, huh?


Coming soon.....special events menus.