Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cold Winter Nights

Well, fans, (like I have millions), I'm back to blogging meals.  At least I will try to post a few as often as possible.  I have been taking pictures of most of my creations as I cook; however, I just haven't found the time to sit and compose anything interesting to read.  So, here goes!

With the nice cold winter nights (and some foggy ones) we are beginning or continuing to experience, the heartbeat of warm comfy soups, stews and chilis which just can't be beat.  I have a favorite chili recipe that I love so much, I always make up enough so I can freeze it and pull it out whenever I want it.  You can imagine the disappointment I felt when I had my mouth watering for it and realized we had eaten it all up a while ago.  It is so good that I love taking it to work for lunch and warming it up in the microwave and make everyone around me jealous with the wafting aroma.  What is especially nice about this recipe is that you can doctor it up depending on your taste buds at the moment just by changing up a few items.  Use hot Italian sausage for a little more zip; use mild sausage, flavored or not for variety.  Go a little heavier on the spices or pull back if you have a mild palate.  Either way, the final result will be pleasing to anyone.

When I started to prepare this dish, I was so anxious to just get it going that I omitted taking pictures.  What I will post will be the final result.  If you think you just can't live without the recipe, I'll be happy to send it to you.  You start out with ground turkey, (you can use beef if you like, I just always use turkey because I prefer it); you add sausage (without the casing), your aromatics, spices, tomatoes, wine and beans.  With the beans, you can also change that up to your liking.  I prefer to mix black beans and kidney beans.  You can throw in any combination you like.  Just know that the bouquet will have the salivary glands of anyone within 500 feet jumping.  Here's the end product and don't forget, you have to put some up (I always use glass jars) for later or lunch!

Of course, you can always finish it off with some cheese of your choice.  I just happen to have a lovely slice of gouda which I dropped in the bowl and my favorite "dollop" is Greek yogurt.

You might also be very surprised that this is an extremely healthy dish and who isn't watching
out for their health and their waistline?


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