Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fish Tacos

Yup, last night it was fish tacos.  This recipe is on the Food Network site.  Now, I had to go to World Market to find some of the spices but I was successful and they are much more reasonably priced than the grocery store, if you can find them. You will find out, (if you don't already know) that I am a Food Network fanatic.  That is about all I watch on TV...what else is there?!? 

This meal was inspired by going to http://www.foodnetwork.com/.  I'm always checking out recipes that I've seen on various programs.  If you remember at the end of last season's "The Next Food Network Star", Melissa and Jeffrey were the finalists.  I will tell you that I personally voted for Melissa and have enjoyed preparing some of her dishes and enjoy listening to her helpful hints.  However, Jeffrey also had a great point of view on food and cooks up some fabulous food.  Well, apparently the Food Network felt that he had merit and they have given him some little video spots on their web site.  Of course, I had to watch them and I have planned to make every single dish he showed.  You can watch these by going to their web page and then searching Jeffrey Saad and clicking on his videos and you can also get the recipe.

My interpretation of his fish taco recipe differs just slightly.  I seldom do a recipe exactly how it is written.  I'll explain what I did differently and show you some step by step pictures of the dish.

I did use tillapia as the recipe suggested.  It is such a nice mild white fish and goes well with the spicy mole sauce.  I did NOT use the whole 1/2 cup of chili paste.  I only used 1/3 cup.  If you like it hot, go for the whole amount.  After the fish is cooked and set aside then you make the mole sauce.
I used cabbage instead of lettuce since I like cabbage with fish tacos better.
Nice flakey, crisp fish.  You actually put the tortillas on the open flame on your gas stove (if you have gas!)  It is very cool.
They were very yummy and quite satisfying.  Crispy fish, crunchy cabbage and a little kick from the mole sauce.  Remember if you have trouble finding the recipe, let me know and I'll send you the page.
Time to pull tonight's meal together......Bon Appétit!


  1. Perfect! The photos were not cut off on my screen! That will depend on each individual's screen...not for you to worry about.

    One thing: I need to show you hoe to make a SITE into a link so people can jsut click on it. It is very easy and once you have it down, it'll be no effort at all!

    Give me a call and I will help you edit and fix that!

    Looks WAY better than my first post did! You are a natural! And the pics look GREAT...very professional!

  2. Ha Ha, just kidding. Your link did work! It was just in black because we set it that way! I am used to them being a different color, we can fix that.

  3. I love fish tacos and these look especially good. Welcome to the blogging world and BTW your blog looks great.